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About Nikki Moss

sound editing services irelandI had been the Supervising Editor and Department Head of Editorial for Don Bluth at Sullivan Bluth Studios, producing major animated features such as An American Tail, Land Before Time and Thumbelina up to 1995 till its closure. After a year working with MGM in Taipei and Bangkok I made the decision to go freelance concentrating on post production sound editing and design.

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Winner IFTA Award Best Sound for Film 2015 & 6 time IFTA Award nominee for Best Sound and Best Sound in a Film/TV Drama

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sound design and sound editing for television


My work in TV spans the gamut, from TV movies, to BBC hit series. Here's just a small selection of some the productions that I have worked on. For a more detailed list, check out my IMDB profile for a full list of everything that I have worked on.

Ripper Street (2012) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Description: A new drama set in the East End of London in 1889 during the aftermath of Jack The Ripper murders.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb

Vexed (2010) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Description: Two detectives; one is cynical and over sexed, the other an asset to the profession. Their unbalanced partnership gets them through a series of strange cases almost smoothly. While managing work life, they have to manage each other and their personal lives.

Saving the Titanic (2012) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Description: The story of the engineers who worked tirelessly to keep the electric power running as the Titanic sank. Their selfless actions kept the lights on and the electric lifeboat winches operational to facilitate the survival of others.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb

Corp + Anam (2011 - 2012) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Description: TV crime correspondent Cathal Mac Iarnain prides himself on pursuing the story behind the story, but is too busy to notice that the world of crime is coming closer to home every day.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb

Single-Handed (2007) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Production: Touchpaper Television

Description: When Garda Sergeant Jack Driscoll (Owen McDonnell) receives a midnight call to investigate activity on an isolated beach in the West of Ireland, he unwittingly stumbles into the middle of a Dublin run undercover operation. When Daniel O Malley, the son of a local trawlerman, dies in his arms that night, Jack's search for answers meets unexpected resistance from the Dublin detectives as they seek to bring down a bigger national prize.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb

Whistle Blower (2008) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Supervisor

Production: RTE

Description: A two-part factually based drama about one young midwife’s courage in blowing the whistle on irregular obstetric practices at the hospital where she worked. This decision set in train a series of events which resulted in a full investigation, highlighting the plight of a great number of women whose lives were blighted forever.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb

My Boy Jack (2007) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Supervising Sound Designer

Production: Haig Lang

Description: War drama tracing author Rudyard Kipling's search for his seventeen year old son after the boy is reported missing during World War I. Jack Kipling (Daniel Radcliffe) has vanished, prompting concerned parents Rudyard (Haig) and his wife to set out in search of their son. Based on the 1997 play of the same name, this BAFTA-nominated drama co-stars Kim Cattrall and Carey Mulligan.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb

Murphy's Law (2003) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Production: Saffron Pictures

Description: Detective Sergeant Tommy Murphy is a maverick undercover cop with a dark past. After failing a psychiatric assessment, he is given one last chance and a dangerous undercover assignment. Murphy is a loner with little to lose and deals with everything on his own terms.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb


Position: Dialogue Editor

Description: The disappearance of 14-year-old Amber Bailey sets off a two-year search during which her family will go through unimaginable pressures. What happened to Amber?

Drop Dead Weird (2017) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer (26 Episodes)

Description: Three Australian siblings move to a bed and breakfast in Tubbershandy Western Ireland with their Zombie parents.

The School (2017)

Position: Re Recording Mixer

Description: The School is a hilarious 3 part mockumentary from Cork based comedy group CCCahoots, and follows the trials of a brand-new school principal as he deals with a disruptive teacher and a school secretary with a crush on him while preparing for the annual Nativity play.

Pete The Cat - Amazon Prime (2018) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Effects Designer / Editor

Description: Based on the New York Times #1 best-selling children's books by author James Dean, "Pete the Cat" is a fun, musically driven series about exploring your world and trying new things; pushing the boundaries while being smart, accepting, and optimistic. Pete is a very cool and loveable cat who, along with his friends, experiences the day-to-day challenges and changes that children can relate to on a personal level. Whether you're making new friends, or facing all of life's ups and downs, Pete highlights the lessons life can teach you.

Awards: | View Awards on IMDb

Nominated Daytime Emmy's 2018 Best Sound


Quivr  (2018) | View Film Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Description: Mysterious goings on in a bar cellar quickly turn to terror

 Drop Dead Weird Season 2 (2019) | View Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Description: A television comedy featuring 26 x 24 minute shows; being a co-production between Australia and Ireland. The show follows the adventures of Lulu, Frankie and Bruce, three Australian siblings who move with their parents to Tubbershandy, Western Ireland to live with their cookie loving grandfather in his comfy Bed and Breakfast. When the parents mysteriously turn into zombies, their three young crafty children along with their understanding grandpa try keeping it a secret from the world and domesticating them, but one suspicious woman just won't leave them alone.

The Bug Diaries - Season One (2019) | View Info on IMDb

Position: Sound Designer

Description: The Bug Diaries is an animated comedy series for preschoolers based on the witty children's books by best-selling author Doreen Cronin and best-selling Illustrator Harry Bliss. The show follows a comic trio of slimy, crawly, and buzzy bug friends whose tiny world offers up huge adventures.

Professionals (2020) | View Info on IMDb

Position: Supervising Sound Editor (10 Episodes)

Description: After their advanced medical satellite explodes on deployment, billionaire futurist Peter Swann, and his fiancée, medical visionary Dr. Graciela "Grace" Davila, turn to a hardened former counterintelligence officer.