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sound editing services irelandI had been the Supervising Editor and Department Head of Editorial for Don Bluth at Sullivan Bluth Studios, producing major animated features such as An American Tail, Land Before Time and Thumbelina up to 1995 till its closure. After a year working with MGM in Taipei and Bangkok I made the decision to go freelance concentrating on post production sound editing and design.

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Winner IFTA Award Best Sound for Film 2015 & 6 time IFTA Award nominee for Best Sound and Best Sound in a Film/TV Drama

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Over the past twenty five years I have accumulated a massive sound effects library which is now available as a resource for anyone who has project specific audio requests.

All digital and audio formats are catered for. Email me your needs. At prices less than 50% of anywhere else on the Web, you won't be stretching your budget (you will need a Paypal account for payment though).

If you'd like to find out more, you can contact me either by phone or email or through the contact form below.

Call: 086-822-6038


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